Mention of Obama impeachment finally comes to light

August 22, 2013 


During months of waiting and watching I finally saw what I have been waiting for. I have been listening and watching to news shows, roundtable discussions, reading newspaper letters to the editor, other editorials and government-related matters.

In a recent letter to the editor from Jim Carpenter, I saw the word I have been waiting for. The word is "impeach."

With all of the committees, investigations and hearings that are looking into Obama's actions, including unconstitutional actions he has taken, nobody has mentioned the word "impeach" that I know of.

I realize that impeachment would have a slim to none chance of passing. However, it would be nice to hear the word now and then just to satisfy the people who still believe in justice and who would like to see the country follow the Constitution.

How can Obama violate the Constitution in so many different ways without some sort of action being taken? The only thing that happens is talk and committees being formed, hearings, and investigations, and more of the same. At least I would like to hear or see the word "impeach" now and then.

Thanks, Jim, I now know somebody out there has similar thoughts.

Bob Teates


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