A moral obligation to push back on climate change

August 21, 2013 

Unfortunately there are a minority of Americans and fossil fuel lobbyists who are deniers of climate change. Mr. Fred Maillet, whose recent letter argued the fallacy of climate change, is one of those citizens who fails to acknowledge the facts.

More than 98 percent of peer-reviewed scientific articles have stated we are in the midst of climate change. We only have to recognize that most of the last 13 years of this century have been the warmest in history. Daily we hear of fires, torrential rains, floods, droughts, and super storms.

Super storm Sandy devastated New York, and an environmental commission created by the Mayor Michael Bloomberg had predicted such a calamity several years before. The city was unprepared.

Worldwide island populations are being displaced because of rising seas due to the melting of the polar caps and land-based ice in Greenland. We in Florida are obviously susceptible.

Hundreds of cities in this country and nations like Germany, France, England, the Netherlands and Denmark are employing renewable technology in the form of wind turbines, solar and geothermal power. By 2050 Germany intends to be 100 percent carbon free.

The fact is we will continue to face crises due to the amount of CO2 placed in the air. Ninety million tons is placed into the atmosphere each day, and 20 percent of this year's will exist 1,000 years from now.

We are on the brink of no return if we don't establish a carbon tax or cap and trade policy. Yes, it will be a challenge and a price will be paid for our past indifference.

To avoid a global geopolitical calamity within the next few decades, each of us must demand changes from industry and government. For our children and future generations we have this moral obligation.

Jim Willard


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