Palmetto Canning Co. expands in Manatee County


PALMETTO -- Palmetto Canning Co. Inc. is expanding its warehouse here to serve its growing, private-label food packaging service.

The company, which has been at its location since 1945, is expanding its 35,000-square-foot facility, adding 10,000 square feet of warehouse space for Palmetto Canning's private-label condiments and jellies, said Sharon Hillstrom, president and chief executive officer of the Bradenton Area Economic Development Corp.

Palmetto Canning currently transports finished private-label products to leased warehouse space in Lakeland. The company also has a 52,000-square-foot facility in Seffner that is near capacity. Although the name of the business harkens back to the original canning process, today the company packages products in glass and plastic. The business also packages for brands such as Goya.

Founded in 1927 in Palmetto, the company turns out an estimated 10 million bottles annually at the Palmetto and Seffner locations.

"Inexpensive outbound freight costs to the Northeast and Midwest, combined with an ample labor pool, allow us to continue growing our footprint in the Bradenton area where the company was born," said Jonathan Greenlaw, president of Palmetto Canning Co. "Our private-label food business is growing, and we need to

store more supplies and finished product on our Palmetto campus."

Hillstrom said the canning company's expansion qualified for the county's rapid response permitting system, which means the county helps shepherd the project through all of its permitting requirements to speed the project along.

"Manatee County Government has been tremendously responsive, including sending key employees to our facility to see how they could help expedite our expansion," Greenlaw said. "The message to growing businesses is clear: Manatee County is open for business."

Hillstrom called Palmetto Canning, which was originally known for its guava jelly, a "legacy business that has continued to grow by adopting new technologies and diversifying its products and services."

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