Praise for seeing through President Obama's rhetoric

August 20, 2013 

Two great letters caught my eye in the past week: one by Patrick Neylan and the other by George Hefner.

Both gentlemen have seen through the rhetoric spoken by the president and his so-called caring for the middle class. He certainly has an agenda and it's not a good one, as it consistently eliminates any Constitutional bearing.

For those who think Mr. Obama walks on water -- the tide is ebbing, and one day they will awaken before they are pulled out to sea to drown. History does repeat itself and the gentlemen are right -- he is "One Voice, One Thought, One Choice, and is governing by Executive Order as no other president has ever done; overstepping his authority to make laws instead of being there to enforce them as the president is supposed to do.

America is still a Democratic Republic and government by and for the people. This "Don't do as I do, but do as I say" is not how our country is run. There is no leadership here, but a demagoguery. The low information voter is still in dreamland (there are so many dreamers these days, I cannot keep up with them).

We have more important issues to cope with other than sitting in the State Capitol complaining about the Stand Your Ground Law. What are they doing? "Standing Their Ground"! The very thing they are fighting.

We are called the United States of America -- that first word is most important. Let's stand united and keep this country functioning as a Republic by the Constitution that we all believe has kept us going for 237 years and hopefully more to come!

Joan Shirey


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