Bradenton store owner arrested on drug charges


Ashley Mookiah

BRADENTON -- The owner of a Bradenton convenience store has been charged with using illegal drugs at the store, according to Bradenton police.

A police report issued Monday states Ashley C. Mookiah. 27, was using illegal narcotics at the In and Out store, 2201 14th St. W., on Friday and was arrested for possession at 10:45 a.m., according to a report.

Officers were working a burglary case at the store and the owner was contacted to come out to the scene, to which Mookiah showed up, the report states.

Several witnesses advised officers that Mookiah was using drugs at the store, the report adds.

During an interview about the burglary, Mookiah admitted to police that she had some unknown males in the store cutting up pieces of rock cocaine so it could be sold.

Mookiah also told police she had purchased powder cocaine as well as Xanex throughout the day.

After the interview, police left, but returned to the store a short time later to ask more questions.

At that time, officers witnessed Mookiah at the rear of the store, crouched down. They located a used glass crack pipe with a lighter on the ground. The crack stem was still hot from being used, according to the report.

Officers found when questioning Mookiah, she wasn't very coherent, had a blank look on her face and could not focus.

The report states, "The defendant was in bad shape in five minutes."

Mookiah was released later on Friday after posting a $500 bond, according to the sheriff's office website.

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