New app lets employers follow their workers on the road

Northwest FloridaDaily NewsAugust 18, 2013 

DESTIN -- Tommy Williams spent 29 years working on the operations side of Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., trying to keep track of a crew of technicians constantly going from job to job.

It was a sometimes frustrating position, as jobs would take longer than expectedor workers became lost.However, that frustration has led Williams and a team of programmers to create Display Tracks, a web- and mobile-based app that uses a phone's GPS to track its user's location and driving habits.

"If you have a mobile employee, even if the boss sees them first thing in the morning and the last thing in the evening, throughout the day you don't know that they're not going to Bass Pro Shop or by their house or their girlfriend's house," said Williams, who owns Display Tracks. "It will really give you a good handle what your employees are doing."

Display Tracks is designed for companies with a mobile work force, such as utility workers, repairmen, delivery people and even law enforcement.

The program gives employers a real-time view of their workers' locations. If they are driving, it can tell employers how fast they are going and can even alert them if they receive or send text messages or phone calls.

"You can see how long somebody's been at the job site they're at and how long it's going to take them to get to the next job," Williams said.

Although the programwas designed for businesses, parents also have beeninterested in using it tomake sure their children are driving safely and are where they are supposed to be.Users can designate a certain area, such as theirchild's school or their employee's job site and be alerted when the person leaves that area.

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