FL House Republicans hypocritical on health care

August 18, 2013 


Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, addresses the Manatee Chamber of Commerce lunch inMay 2013 at the Bradenton Country Club. FILE PHOTO


Re: "Again, politics over people on health care in Florida"

The Aug. 15 Herald editorial correctly attacks Florida Republicans and their consistent attempts to sabotage Obamacare within the state.

Over a million low-income Floridians without health insurance? Not a problem for Tallahassee.

A major omission involves the incredible hypocrisy of Speaker Will Weatherford and his pliant Republicans in the Florida House. These "small government" pols pay $8.34 a month for individual health insurance and a whopping $30 a month for family policies.

How is that possible?

Florida taxpayers heavily pony up for those Republicans and their insurance premiums. Did we really need one more example of smarmy, dysfunctional politics in the Gunshine State?

Bill McGrath


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