Citizen right to be irate over illegal signs in Bradenton

August 17, 2013 

Company signs like this violate Bradenton law and residents say they are an eyesore. "They're trashing Bradenton. They're trashing our community," said John Wright, a Bradenton resident for 33 years. "One company for its own sake taking over private land and public land." JANEY TATE/Bradenton Herald

Bravo to Bradenton resident John Wright. He's mad as heck and he's not taking city code violations any more.

Over the course of two months, Wright personally yanked more than 200 small signs out of the ground and off light posts and trees -- specifically the "We Buy Junk Cars" advertisements.

It's illegal to post signs on city property. And unless the owner of private property supplies permission, that's against the law, too.

How many companies get permission, especially written approval? An employee of Auto Alliance who didn't want to be identified said he didn't know Bradenton code prohibited signs on city property. Well now.

Wright is absolutely on target when he told Herald reporter Janey Tate this week that city beautification efforts are being undermined by eyesore signs. The city should fight this blight and halt the spread of these signs.

When Wright expressed his disgust by tossing signs into the garbage, where they belong, the signs were replaced -- within days.

While we applaud Wright for raising the issue with the city and his frustration is understandable, like Bradenton's code compliance manager, we don't recommend citizens take up arms against this affront to our quality of life -- just report the violation.

Bradenton sure could do a better job at code enforcement. If companies fail to comply with warnings, then the city can issue a $150 fine per sign. Now there's a swell idea on another level -- a new revenue stream just waiting to be tapped.

Fine the scofflaws until the signs disappear and take back our neighborhoods.

Residents, call City Hall at 941-932-9400 to report unlawful signs to the Code Enforcement Department.

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