Fallacy of climate change argument very apparent

August 17, 2013 

This is in response to Carol Ohlendorf's comment in the Aug. 11 letters to the editor.

Why do people accept what Chicken Little postulates? The climate change sky is not falling! The academics from East Anglia University in Great Britain enhanced the findings to make their man-made global warming hypothesis more dramatic. In other words, they fudged the findings to fit their research.

Scientists cannot predict the number of hurricanes that will hit Florida in any given year. Yet climate propagandists are so willing to predict, with confidence, what will happen to the globe in 50 years! This doesn't make sense.

Carbon dioxide is to blame for the heating of the planet, the rationale being CO2 acts like an insulating blanket around the globe, slowing the escape of heat.

There is another gas that is nine times more insulating and far more prevalent than CO2! That gas is water vapor, which doomsday sayers never mention because it doesn't fit their model.

We don't have good reliable climate statistics that go back 500 years, yet we must jump to conclusions about damaging storms.

Our president is going to fight CO2 emissions. Well, that sounds great, but is India or China (building one coal-fired power plant a month) going to get on board with this plan? Hasn't anybody told the president that air moves around the globe?

You are being lied to! The global warming/climate change models are based on bad science and every time real science points out the flaws the definition changes to fit the agenda.

Fifty percent of the power produced in this country is derived from coal.

For all those who are wringing their hands over carbon emissions, ask yourself this: How much electricity are you willing to do without?

Fred Maillet


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