Under Obama's leadership, nation is on the wrong path

August 16, 2013 

Comments to my recent musings include, and I paraphrase, "our rejecting government spending on the public good will result in our suffering for our stupidity." Spending beyond our means will result in permanent suffering. The treasury is not a cornucopia; a "free lunch" is in the imagination of the socialists.

Throwing taxpayer money at alternative energy has provided miniscule results while small business is taxed out of business and big business pay no taxes (example: General Electric)! Take a look at the cost of producing and delivering alternative energy; bottom line it is wildly unaffordable.

At least the subsidies to big oil provide something far less expensive for us. I wonder how many people who are spending $4 a gallon on gas, resulting in a less than adequate diet for their kids, are concerned about this farce called "global warming," which is debunked by most credible scientists.

If you believe Obama's party to Africa provided any benefits, I'd suggest checking the itinerary. This $100 million should have been paid for by the Obamas. Now they are off to Martha's Vineyard for another vacation. The cost for this trip will be shared by the Obamas, and on a larger scale you and me, such as 75 rooms in a swank hotel for their "staff."

How can it be that Obama is "steadily reducing the deficit" if the deficit was less than $8 trillion when he took office and is now approaching $17 trillion! That sounds like "fuzzy math" from the left.

If we learn anything from Europe, it should be that government can't provide everything for everybody. Government should give small business some breathing room so they can afford to make jobs, not welfare. The main thing to be learned from Europe is socialism doesn't work!

Frank Eldridge

Palma Sola

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