State failed to probe report to abuse registry on Dozier School for Boys

August 16, 2013 

Why doesn't the state of Florida believe what is reported?

I was an Health and Rehabilitative Services counselor from 1980 to 1988, when I was forced to resign from my job in lieu of termination due to office politics. I know I was one of the best counselors the state of Florida ever had because (1) my material is still used to train new employees into the system; (2) the recidivism rate of my clients coming back through the system under my supervision was less than 5 percent in all of my jobs, and (3) I worked with my clients to find out what I could do to help them get on the right track to keep them from getting into the "revolving door syndrome."

For instance, I had many clients whom I helped obtain employment because they told me they needed jobs and others I referred to counseling because I could see a need for substance abuse, parental, and individual counseling to help them and their families deal with their lives.

In fact, one of my clients who I helped get his job recently retired from a local grocery chain after working his way up from a bag-boy to district manager over the 30 years he worked there. He had a record as long as your arm and was becoming a habitual offender until I found out how to help ... get him a job.

What bothers me now is that I made a call to the abuse registry about the Dozier School for Boys in 1986 regarding the children who were being allegedly killed there. No one did a thing! Now, years later, they are investigating?

Ernie Snow


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