'The Hangover' movie becomes all too real for Manatee visitor


MANATEE -- A Venice man found himself in a situation in Manatee County recently not unlike that of the characters in the movie, "The Hangover," where they wake up trying to figure out what happened after a party.

The victim told Manatee County Sheriff's Office deputies that he had met a group of people on Aug. 4 whom he had never met before at the Wings Restaurant on U.S. 41.

After spending time at Wings, the victim drove a few of his new friends to a party at an unknown location around the 6000 block of 12th Street East, he told sheriff's deputies.

The victim drank alcohol and took narcotics at the party and told deputies he passed out on a sofa.

When he awoke at 4 a.m., the victim realized it was Aug. 5 and the keys to the vehicle he had borrowed, his cell phone and the borrowed vehicle itself were all missing, he reported to authorities.

Besides missing his items, the victim was asked to leave by the occupants of the house where he woke up, the report stated.

Now, on the street, the victim did not know where he was exactly but was able to walk to the Family Dollar at 15th Street East and 53rd Avenue East and call the owner of the vehicle he had borrowed to assist him, according to the report.

The report does not indicate if the borrowed vehicle was ever found, but one would imagine the victim may not be eager to star in "The Hangover 2."

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