'Is GOP self-destructing?' No, just working on unity

August 11, 2013 

In reading a commentary by Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus in Wednesday's Opinion page of the Herald titled "Is the GOP self-destructing?" I found it amusing and refreshing.

I really found it quite refreshing to have all this disagreement within the party. I think it will make for a stronger party once we can all get together and agree to disagree on many issues. Put the issues on the table and find a common denominator and go from there.

No two people think alike (marriage, for instance) but if we all put what is best for the country on the table in the long term, we will come to an amicable agreement.

When you find a party that hasn't any disagreements, it makes you think that something doesn't smell good. Too many folks have been led by false promises that really cause debt and poverty just because it sounds good.

When you see all the Democrats in accord with each other, does it not make you ask, "Don't they have any free thinkers in the party? Are the Democrats turning into lap dogs, doing whatever their master says?"

I wouldn't jump to any conclusion on a GOP leader at this time. It takes time and research to find a qualified leader. We have many prospects to look and learn about. Some old and some new.

Americans know what's good and what's bad for our beloved country. Let's not blow it again, America. Get to know who your voting for, then vote wise and smart. We have got time to make up our minds.

Come on tea party, conservatives, Republicans and common-sense Democrats, we can do it. Let's make America the greatest country again. God bless America.

Sylvia Meyer

Lakewood Ranch

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