Long Bar's current approval only for 258 units, not 1,658

August 6, 2013 

This letter is to correct misinformation offered by Ms. Jane von Hahmann in the July 31 letter. Ms. von Hahmann was incorrect in her assertion that the developer has an existing approval to build 1,658 residential units. The only approval that currently exists is on a small portion of the property for 258 units.

The 1,658 units to which she refers is in the Land Development Agreement (LDA) for traffic concurrency only. It is not an approval to develop or build that many units at all.

Further incorrect assertions include Ms. von Hahmann's statements that the LDA precludes the developer from building docks into Sarasota Bay and prohibits the trimming of mangroves as well. Neither of those appear in the LDA at all, which is public record for all to view.

As Ms. von Hahmann is a former sitting county commissioner and understands Manatee County process and these documents, I'm surprised that she would have authored such an inaccurate piece.

Peter Logan, President, Medallion HomeBradenton

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