Protect old Florida atmosphere, reject Long Bar's proposals

August 6, 2013 

I have never written a letter to the editor before but due to the controversy surrounding the Long Bar Pointe development application, I felt compelled to do so.

I am surprised that the Manatee County commissioners are even considering changing the comprehensive plan unless, of course, it is to make it more compatible with our rapid growth and to protect one of our dwindling wetlands along our shores. The Long Bar Pointe development certainly does not fall under that category.

Neither do all the other builders' applications that want to fill in some of our wetlands in order to put up more homes and increase their profits since they buy the land by acreage and unusable land takes away from their profits.

But it also takes away from the beauty of old Florida, the main reason, along with our shores, that many tourists come here and spend millions of dollars. They can see skyscrapers and homes everywhere, but they come here to get away from all those things.

Was not the present plan studied and approved by the county commissioners in order to protect our wetlands, to protect the wildlife that lives there, to keep the natural beauty of Florida untouched by progress? Progress, by the way, that is not really needed in that area in order for Manatee County to grow.

Were not these rules proposed and passed to keep builders from building in places that it was decided they shouldn't? Why, then, is it even being considered?

The only thing that has changed is the fact that Long Bar Pointe developers this past election period contributed over $40,000 to help re-elect or elect our present commission. Everything else is still the same as when the present Comprehensive Plan was developed and passed.

Do us all a favor, keep it simple, do not change it, we love old Florida.

Robert E. Thayer


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