Let's vote on sales tax for purchase of Long Bar land

August 6, 2013 

As the Tuesday vote draws near both sides of this controversial project are digging in their heels.

Mr. Carlos Beruff has stated many times that he has rights as a property owner to build his Barcelona on the Bay. There is a 200-year-old document that states as citizens we have rights also. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

It is very clear that the citizens of Manatee County do not want your requested changes to the comprehensive plan to be approved, period. As citizens of this republic, can we expect our elected officials to abide by the will of the people? Tuesday will tell.

Maybe there is a way out of this contentious situation for all involved. Remember it was not many years ago that a similar project was proposed on a large parcel in northwest Bradenton. That project proposed hundreds of homes and an upscale golf course.

It would have been a disaster for the area. However, with the tireless efforts of Charlie Hunsicker and his team, the extreme and enduring generosity of the Robinson family, and a conscientious board of county commissioners, we now have one of the most beautiful county parks in the entire state of Florida, the Robinson Preserve.

So county commissioners, why not a Beruff/Lieberman Preserve. You remember that recent half cent sales tax voted down. I'll bet you could get the Manatee voters to approve a one-cent sales tax to purchase the Long Bar Pointe property.

Take a moment Tuesday and ask us for a voice vote on this proposal. Mr. Beruff and Mr Lieberman would get a nice return on their investment, and we as citizens would retain that part of Florida we want to pass to future generations. Let's keep Barcelona in Spain, and Old Florida here where it belongs now and forever.

Paul Curtis

Bradenton Beach

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