Fort Hamer Bridge timeline

August 4, 2013 

• 1900: County considers building bridge between Fort Hamer Road and Upper Manatee River Road.

• 1998: County commissioners decide it's time to look at whether building the bridge is feasible and if there are significant environmental issues. Serious talks about the proposal begin.

• 2001: State transportation officials study proposed bridge.

• 2002: Bridge project downsized from six lanes to four.

• 2006: Second study conducted by the Federal Highway Administration supports the bridge. Developers tell county commission funds could be generated through tolls and special taxing.

• 2007: County gives up on federal funding to build the bridge after years of delays.

• 2008: Group of local developers suggest plan to build, own and operate bridge, as a toll bridge potentially saving Manatee taxpayers up to $127 million. Under the proposal, Manatee would trade land to build the toll bridge for land that's needed to build a connector road between Interstate 75 and Port Manatee.

• 2009: County officials plan to recommend against land-swap proposal they negotiated with developers. County approved concept of a two-lane bridge that county Public Works Department says can be built for less than $30 million.

• 2011: Design work on the proposed bridge has been halted for the past 22 months at a cost of more than $250,000 to study alternatives.

• 2013: U.S. Coast Guard reviews the Environmental Impact Statement submitted by the county for approval to begin designing two-lane bridge.

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