Long Bar Pointe project better than the alternatives

August 4, 2013 

This concerns the proposed changes to the Long Bar Pointe development. Let's look at it from an environmental viewpoint and try to deal with facts instead of emotion.

Without the changes the developers could submit a proposal that could include building over 4,500 units in a gated community once traffic concurrency was met. With changes they would have about 2,500-plus gated units, and an ungated, upscale hotel/conference center/commercial shopping area.

I think the original plan is more intrusive to the environment.

The developers could submit yet another plan with 100-foot of bay frontage lots. Doug Means, planning division manager for environmental planning for the county, told me they would be, if they met the usual conditions, automatically "entitled" to 52 or more docks. They would have to go through the formality of approval.

Each could be built if the developers decided -- with 3-foot-wide walkways 660-feet long cutting through 100 feet of mangroves and going above 500 feet of seagrass flats, totaling 31,200 linear feet and 103,000 square feet!

With the current proposal, there will be a single 45-foot wide, 5-foo deep channel with no visible docks. It will cut through 100 feet of mangroves and 2,100 feet of seagrass flats. Any mangroves and seagrass cut out will have to be mitigated with the planting of new mangroves and seagrass. Who wants to see these 52 docks!

Without the proposed changes, current farming runoff will continue. With the proposed changes a filtering area will be built and current drainage channels will be planted with seagrass, which help degrade chemicals.

Who would not want further mitigation of chemical runoff!

Without the proposed changes the public will be blocked from the area by private gates. With the proposed changes the public will have access to restaurants/shopping/hotel/conference complex

Why would you not want to enjoy these with your family?

Craig Trigueiro, MD

Lakewood Ranch

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