Protect Manatee County's ecosystem and reject Long Bar Pointe project

August 3, 2013 

I was present at the town hall meeting in Cortez regarding Long Bar Pointe. I was appalled at Carlos Beruff's outward attitude of privilege.

It appeared because he owns the land at Long Bar that he feels he can talk the county commissioners into allowing him to manipulate mangroves, destroy seagrass and dredge shallow water. He states he has a right to "property use."

This area, for the reasons of population growth, made laws to preserve our ecology. I have been here in Manatee County 36 years and watched much growth. In order to preserve this beauty as we have in the past, we must continue now and in the future control and supervise the growth or we will lose this beauty and be another Miami or St. Petersburg.

Do not allow Mr. Beruff to put in a marina and dredge seagrass and manipulate mangroves. This may open a proverbial "can of worms."

I have had several friends who owned waterfront property who wanted to have "property use" and wanted to trim mangroves and unfortunately got in a lot of trouble.

Please, also remember Coral Shores. In their last canal development, dredging was stopped and they were required to put a sea wall up to keep out the salt water. I cannot imagine the hassle of lifting a water craft over a dam in order to get back to their dock, especially in our weather.

Our county needs the commission's power to protect our people, our ecology and our tourist draw.

In the best interest of present and future generations of residents, and in the best interest of our No. 1 industry, tourism, I am asking the board of commissioners to say no to Mr. Beruff and to buy the land as a preserve like the Robinson Preserve. It is the right thing to do.

Richard J. Galle


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