Capt. Senecal | Children's wonder brings joy of fishing to forefront

August 2, 2013 

Fishing the past couple of weeks has produced lots of nice slot-sized trout. With water temperatures in the mid-80s, we have been doing really well early morning and have tapered off as the sun gets overhead. Deeper grass flats on channel edges have produced the bigger trout. Redfish have been a little elusive in Terra Ceia bay the last couple of weeks but we were able to pick up a few slot size fish up in the mangroves and on oyster bars with a few early morning high tides that we had this past week. Some nice Spanish mackerel and of course ladyfish has kept us busy. This past week I had the pleasure of having 4-year-old Gabriel and 6-year-old Sammy on my boat to fish. These were good kids as they elected to allow their mom Lori and dad Michael to come along. I love having kids this age on my boat as it brings back memories of not having a care in the world except what’s happening right now. All adult fishermen can relate to this I’m sure. Both kids had a blast as we got into a school of ladyfish and were reeling to their hearts' content. At the end of the trip, both kids kept thanking me for so much fun. I really wanted to thank them for putting things into perspective. I think as adults we sometimes forget how lucky we are to have such a beautiful place to live and fish. We sometimes get more caught up in the results instead of appreciating the fact that we live in paradise. Seeing dolphins and manatees and the abundant wildlife while bending a rod is only a dream for a lot of people. We are living the dream. Capt. Mike Senecal 941-704-4832

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