Loudest Long Bar Pointe project foes express NIMBYism

August 1, 2013 

It just kills me with all the protests about the Long Bar Pointe development. And when you consider the loudest noise is coming from people living in the area, already on the water.

It reminds me of all the whoopla when the airport was due for an expansion, and people demanded a vote on leaving it where it is or moving it far out east. The people wanting it moved the most were those living close to its current location. So funny, they all choose to buy their home close by the airport, but insisted it be moved.

Well, this is just another example of I got mine, now you go away.

Two ladies from the Coral Shores subdivision were quoted in the front-page Sunday article as being so opposed to it. I would love to go back in history and watch the permitting process of their development and what all the dredgers moved and destroyed to get them their canal-front homes.

I dare say mangroves were not even in the discussion of any construction projects in the feverish 1950s and 1960s push on the islands and intercoastal. Here comes what in all respects I can see a really nice construction project, adding housing for many new residents to the county, and only having to dredge 200 feet for access to only 80 boat slips with no gas pumps and no areas for working on boats that could potentially put chemicals into water.

Plus they are adding many access points for all of us to enjoy -- boardwalks for viewing the water for those who cannot afford to buy on it. They will replant more mangroves than they will need to destroy.

I think if this developer isn't allowed to proceed, we just need to put fences up at the county line and post this sign: "We got here first -- turn around!"

Scott B. Scoville


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