Many mystifying things going on in our country

July 30, 2013 

Did you ever wonder?

Why all insurance companies operating in Florida aren't required to offer all types of insurance and not just automobile or "cherry picked" coverage?

Why the Gecko and Flo spend multimillions advertising their insurance yet our premiums keep going up?

Why insurance isn't offered across state lines to spread the exposure and lower rates?

Why our elected officials fight to keep their offices while complaining about their meager compensation, long hours and (snicker) hard work?

Why can't we get term limits?

Why many of our politicians are elected as middle class folks and become wealthy in a few short years?

Why New York City has a disgraced governor and congressman running for mayor and controller? Surely there are some people with character in the city who would run.

Why illegal immigration continues after we were told the problem was solved 27 years ago?

Why you must have proper identification to board an airplane or cruise ship but not to vote?

Why drilling for oil here is considered anti-environmental but it's OK to loan Brazil billions to drill there?

Why we don't have a "flat or fair tax"? If that were enacted Washington would lose control.

Why the "race baiters" from the civil rights industry don't address the problems in the black community rather than financially profiting and blaming society?

How Obama can govern when he is on TV every day repeating years of campaign speeches.

How Minnesota elected a wrestler (actor) to the governorship and a comedian to the U.S. Senate.

Frank Eldridge

Palma Sola

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