The following items are taxable or tax-exempt

July 29, 2013 

Tax-exempt or taxable items

School supplies

These items sold for $15 or less are tax-exempt during the holiday, including:

• Binders

• Calculators

• Colored pencils

• Compasses

• Composition books and notebooks

• Computer disks (blank CDs only)

• Construction paper

• Crayons

• Erasers

• Folders

• Glue (stick and liquid)

• Highlighters

• Legal pads

• Lunch boxes

• Markers

• Notebook filler paper

• Paste

• Pencils, including mechanical and refills

• Pens, including felt, ballpoint, fountain and refills

• Poster board and poster paper

• Protractors

• Rulers

• Scissors

* Books are not tax-exempt except books that are always tax-exempt such as Bibles.

Computers and related accessories

These items are tax-exempt during the tax-free period if sold for $750 or less.

• Cables for computers

• Car adaptors for laptop computers

• Central processing units (CPU)

• Compact disk drives

• Personal Computer, desktop or laptop

• Tablet or e-reader

• Blank CDs

• Diskettes

• Flash drives, thumb drives or jump drives

• Memory cards

• Portable hard drives

• Storage drives

• Zip drives

• Docking stations (designed for acomputer)

• Ear buds and headphones

• Hard drives

• Ink cartridges (for computers)

• Keyboards (for computers)

• Mouse devices

• Microphones (built-in computers)

• Modems

• Monitors

• Motherboards

• Printers (including"all-in-one" models)

• RAM - random access memory

• Routers

• Scanners

• Software for education, (nonrecreational)

• Web cameras

Clothing, accessories

These items sold for $75 or less are tax-exempt during the tax-free holiday:

• Handbags and wallets

• Neckwear

• Athletic supporters

• Baby clothes

• Backpacks

• Baseball cleats

• Bathing suits, caps, and cover-ups

• Belts and belt buckles

• Blouses and shirts

• Book bags

• Lingerie and underwear

• Caps and hats

• Cleated and spiked shoes

• Coats, jackets and wraps

• Diaper bags

• Diapers, diaper inserts (adult and baby, cloth or disposable)

• Dresses and skirts

• Graduation caps and gowns

• Gym suits and uniforms

• Pants and jeans

• Lab coats

• Leotards and tights

• Martial arts attire

• Scout uniforms

• Shoes

• Shorts

• Socks

• Sports uniforms (except pads, helmets)

• Suits, slacks, and jackets

• Sweaters

• Swim suits and trunks

• Vintage clothing

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