Blame liberal Democrats, not GOP, for Detroit's fall

July 29, 2013 

I have noticed that Democrats are trying to spin the problems in Detroit into being a Republican problem. It is kinda funny, when you think about it. Leftists have been in charge of Detroit for over 50 years, and no Republican policies remain, so why are they really in trouble?

They say it is not enough taxes. I laugh at this, since Detroit has had the highest taxes in the nation, and have taxed all who have a shirt left clear out of the state.

The property taxes are highest, and property value almost the lowest. The fact is that Librats (liberal Democrats) have taxed everyone away, except the takers. The parasites will not pay taxes on the money they get from the very few taxpayers that are left.

This will become a nationwide problem under Librat rule. We are headed there already, and when it fails, again, they will blame someone else. After all, the fault cannot be placed on the president or any of his people.

Businesses are moving out of an overtaxed country, and it is hard to blame them. When there are no taxpayers left, and only takers left, it has to fall apart. This is just called the "duh" factor.

Remember, there is nothing noble about anything that is built on lies, and changing the subject to take the focus off the real problem will only add to troubles they already have put in place that will come back to haunt our children.

Herbert Stamper


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