In Zimmerman case, racial undertones are undeniable

July 28, 2013 

This letter is in response to the letter from Steve Gorman on July 24.

To say that George Zimmerman is a "small in stature guy" is proof that so much of white America is in complete denial of the racial bias in the Zimmerman case. Small in staturey? Zimmerman weighed in at 194 pounds at 5 foot, 8 inches.

Trayvon Martin was 30 pounds lighter than the short and stocky Zimmerman. This theory of yours doesn't fit with the facts.

The real question that should be asked is would self-proclaimed "wimp" George Zimmerman have approached Trayvon Martin if he had not been packing a loaded 9mm?

Nobody should pretend to know what might have been going through young 16-year-old Trayvon's mind. Unless you are a man or woman of color, it is impossible to know what it's like to have people assume you are a "thug" "up to know good" or call you out simply for walking.

Recently, another letter questioned if Trayvon Martin "was committing a felony when he was shot and killed." Really? If one is looking at it from an unbiased point of view, shouldn't the question be "Was Trayvon Martin committing a felony before he was followed and confronted by Zimmerman?"

Honestly, I am not even sure anymore if people even realize how hateful their comments sound. Thank God that we have a new wave of minds that will be in power in the very near future with Generation. I'm hopeful that then this insecure and angry rhetoric will finally end and we can move foward.

Amy Robinson


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