A simple lesson about giving, receiving from old Bradenton encounter

July 26, 2013 

Bradentonians should be proud of their city and citizens. Here's something that happened 30 years ago this month. Perhaps the "angel" is still around.

A bus load of Christians form a small Georgia church arrived in town to visit the Christian retreat center. Blocks from our destination, the bus broke down.

As the men in our group huddled around the open hood of the vehicle, a gentleman walked up and offered to help. While he set to working earnestly and quickly on the engine, the pastor walked the bus aisle to take up an offering.

With the bus fixed and idling, the pastor offered the stranger $108 for his help.

"That's not enough!" exclaimed the man.

"How much do you want?" came the hesitant query from our pastor.

"Twenty-five cents should do," whispered the stranger.

After receiving his quarter from the pastor's pocket, he exclaimed that if he accepted the sizeable offering, it would be his reward for the good deed. But by accepting the quarter, then God was obligated to "pay the rest," which would be much greater.

As a young minster one month into my calling, that act of kindness had a profound effect on me and I cannot count the times I've done good deeds for just a quarter. Thank you, sir.

Dwain W. Penn, gospeler

The Rock, Ga.

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