Erosion of Christian values furthering moral decay

July 26, 2013 

The July 23 letter by Bruce Allen Wallis made the claim that "we are now a nation of diversity." He was disagreeing with other letters that stated that we are a Christian nation.

I believe that we started out as a Christian nation with God as our sovereign leader. Now we have some of the "diversity" taking away our Christian freedoms by removing God from the schools, removing crosses and manger scenes, forbidding prayer in the name of Jesus and changing "Merry Christmas" into "Happy Holidays."

Our forefathers would never have believed that same-sex marriage and abortion would be made legal. I find it unbelievable myself.

There is nothing wrong with "diversity" as long as we are allowed to live our faith openly without the persecution that has been happening everywhere, even in our military.

We live in a world that is decaying morally, and I believe it is because the Christian values are constantly being undermined or prohibited in the name of being "politically correct."

Nancy L. Davis


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