Does 'the mob' rule now in wake of Zimmerman-Martin?

July 26, 2013 

The Zimmerman-Martin case provided an opportunity for the anti-gun, anti-stand your ground, political opportunists, race agitators and the news media that helped to exacerbate this case. To this day they publish pictures of Trayvon Martin when he was about 13 instead of the considerable presence he projects pictured at 17. The puppeteers have now gotten what they wanted -- "the mob."

Much was made of "hoodies" which Trayvon was wearing. The Unabomber wore a hoodie and sun glasses; he was white. One cannot escape the fact that hoodies have been shown over and over again as being attire well represented in robberies, assaults, muggings and murders no matter the color of the wearer.

This was a small-town case where one person killed another clearly in self-defense.

If one asked random mob participants for details of the case, they would more than likely be woefully uninformed. The mob growls justice but they actually mean vengeance; that's what happens when mobs are whipped up.

By the way, there is "big money" being spent to sustain this issue -- "big money" and it is employed as a political "club" but it also exploits blacks.

This unfortunate case came about at a fortuitous time for the administration because it deflects attention from Fast and Furious. Oh, I forgot, the president used executive privilege to save Attorney General Eric Holder's bacon, didn't he?! Well, it still deflects attention from Benghazi, the IRS scandal, catastrophic Obamacare and the numerous blunders of foreign affairs, all of which will cost us dearly.

Patrick Neylan


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