Sarasota man arrested charged with stealing $10,000 worth of items from resort guest


SARASOTA -- A 27-year-old resort worker has been charged with stealing about $10,000 worth of items from an Ohio woman, according to the Sarasota Police Department.

Ramon Colon-Estrada, of Sarasota is charged with felony grand theft for the thefts that occurred at the Lido Beach Resort in Sarasota, according to a news release.

The Ohio woman checked in to the Lido Beach Resort on July 13. Later that day, she noticed one of her bags containing a camera, iPad and miscellaneous jewelry worth approximately $10,000 was missing.

The woman reported the incident to hotel management and it was reported to the police.

On July 18 she and the hotel manager viewed the video from the parking garage where the woman had parked her car upon her arrival. The video revealed Colon-Estrada had parked his vehicle near hers at about 7:15 a.m. and then walked past her car before returning to his car, police said.

Colon-Estrada was then seen back-tracking and walking between the woman's car and another car. He then moved out of view of the camera before walking back to his car.

The video then shows Colon-Estrada moving his car but stopping next to the woman's car out of camera's view, for approximately 40 seconds, police said.

Colon-Estrada then reportedly drove his vehicle to the top of the parking garage, parked and reported for his 8 a.m. shift, according to police.

Detectives contacted Colon-Estrada who agreed to be interviewed at the Sarasota Police Department.

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