Manatee County's Long Bar Pointe will be developed, either as village or residential

July 25, 2013 

I live within 2.7 miles of the property that Long Bar Pointe will be built upon.

Recently, I completed 16 years of service with the Manatee County Planning Commission both as a commissioner and a term as chairman. So, I understand the language of "government and developer speak" when new projects are proposed.

Reading media articles and attending the most recent meeting of what is proposed at Long Bar Pointe, I do not believe the community realizes their options in this matter.

It boils down to this: Manatee County can either support a seaside-type village with a four- or five-flag hotel at the northern end of Sarasota Bay or they will get a development of several thousand homes that will not allow the public to enjoy the benefits of a village with shops, restaurants, a major hotel, etc. In the latter scenario, the property will be closed to the public.

The most important information the public is getting is that the developers proposing this village project have outlined how they are financially able to build either project without running to a bank; in other words, we will either get a "village or a development" -- the choice is up to the citizens and the government of Manatee County.

Steve Belack


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