Charges against Manatee High's Frazier involve three adults, four students

jdeleon@bradenton.comJuly 24, 2013 

BRADENTON -- Two students who were part of the Bradenton Police Department's case against Manatee High School assistant Coach Roderick Frazier refused to cooperate with the State Attorney's office investigation and their allegations have not been included in the charges leveled against the high school disciplinarian.

In conducting its own investigation into allegations made against Frazier, the State Attorney's Office found another student and another staff member from Manatee High School who alleged that Frazier made unwanted advances toward them.

After months of investigation, the State Attorney's Office filed charges against Frazier on July 19. The 10 misdemeanor charges leveled against Frazier include seven counts of battery and three counts of interference with the attendance of a student and involve three adults and four students.

A woman Frazier was training in his office told authorities that Frazier ran his foot up her leg "in a sexual manner." She said she reported Frazier to their supervisor. A student who met Frazier in 2010 said Frazier slapped her on the buttocks on several occasions, even though she told him to stop. She said he finally stopped after she "got firm with him."

The two students who did not pursue charges against Frazier include a student who told Bradenton police that Frazier grabbed her buttocks at least 20 times and another who claimed that he tried to buy her a drink at a local restaurant.

"An interview was scheduled, but the victim did not show for the appointment," Heather Doyle, the misdemeanor chief for the state attorney's office, wrote in a memo. "This office attempted to contact the victim by telephone on numerous occasions and calls were not returned."

The second student, who said Frazier approached her in a restaurant, initially met with the State Attorney's Office but then said she wasn't sure she wanted to participate in prosecution of the case.

"The victim indicated that she would think about her options and contact this office with her decision," Heather Doyle, the misdemeanor chief for the state attorney's office, wrote in a memo. "The victim did not contact this office and phone calls to the victim have gone unreturned."

Frazier's attorney Edwin Mulock said he had not been told that students had declined to cooperate with the case.

"That's the first I'm hearing this," Mulock said. "It doesn't necessarily surprise me under this set of facts."

Mulock added the media attention seems to be "a real vendetta" by the Bradenton Police Department.

Bradenton Police Deputy Chief Warren Merriman said that he did not realize that the State Attorney's Office had not accepted their full recommendations or that the office found other victims to testify.

Frazier will not be taken into custody, according to Doyle. However, he has been issued a summons to appear in court for his scheduled arraignment on Aug. 8.

"I doubt we will be appearing," Mulock said. "We will more than likely submit our plea in writing."

Arraignment hearings in misdemeanor cases typically do not require the defendant or the attorney to appear in person.

The school district put Frazier, who worked as a parent liaison in charge of discipline at Manatee High, on paid administrative leave in February. He remains on leave while the school district completes its own investigation. Superintendent Rick Mills said he will recommend to the school board how to move forward with Frazier's employment once the district's investigation is complete.

Jessica De Leon, law enforcement reporter, can be reached at 941-745-7049. You can follow her on Twitter @JDeLeon1012.

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