Long Bar Pointe plan cannot be compared with Seaside

July 23, 2013 

The developers of Long Bar Pointe tell us that when finished, their vision will resemble iconic New Urbanist towns like Seaside. Here are the facts:

1. Size. Seaside was built on 80 acres, designed to accommodate about 650 dwelling units (homes, condos, etc.) and 2,000 people. In contrast, the most recent development plans for Long Bar encompass many more acres and dwelling units.

2. Seaside is unincorporated.

3. Traffic in the summer months (its high season) is horrendous.

4. Seaside is, during most of the rest of the year, more like a very pretty, expensive ghost town. We already have one of those ... Longboat Key (no offense intended to year-round residents).

All this fuss, expense and permanent ecological and environmental damage for what we know will be highly seasonal revenue. For these costs, what long-term benefits do we receive -- a multitude of good paying jobs in the tourism/snowbird industry? That would be a first.

The primary builder has said the huge changes he demands must be made or he won't proceed. That's his choice.

Stop the madness! Stop Long Bar Pointe and the county commissioners' planned changes to the Urban Service Area. Make your voice heard at the afternoon county commission meeting Aug. 6.

Lisa Pierce

Holmes Beach

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