Letter: Long Bar Pointe site merits smart mixed-use development

July 22, 2013 

As a long-time resident of West Bradenton and a certified planner, I am compelled to share my views on the Long Bar Pointe project.

The Long Bar Pointe land is uniquely located near our beautiful Sarasota Bay and surrounded by existing infrastructure and development. There is not another piece of land in our region with these qualities.

This land will be developed. Let's develop it wisely with a mixed-use project that will provide public access to the water, water taxis, new jobs, services to current residents, and revitalize West Bradenton.

All of this can be done while protecting the environment and our fishing industry.

Smart growth yields great communities with more choices, personal freedom, a good return on our infrastructure investment, a thriving natural environment, and a legacy we can be proud of.

Let's dig deeper to analyze the issues and work together toward solutions to preserve the natural resources and create a bright future for generations to come. A dynamic and vibrant development on Long Bar Pointe will create a timeless place beyond your imagination!

Misty Servia, AICP


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