Homeowner association rules not family friendly

July 22, 2013 

I have been coming over to Bradenton from Scotland with my wife Hazel for over 25 years. My son, who is now 20 years of age, grew up with Bradenton and Anna Maria Island as our prime vacation areas. He still holidays here with us as does his girlfriend.

We love the place so much, five years ago we bought a home in Palma Sola Trace (the old golf course off 75th Street West). We thought we had bought in a superb family location to use as a holiday even though we could only use it three or four times a year.

We felt it would also be good to invest money in an area that had given us a quarter of a century of pleasure rather than somewhere closer to UK.

Unfortunately this home, initially sold as a "family community," has turned into a place more suited as an old folks retirement community. A swimming pool is now basically out of bounds for families if you wish to use an inflatable ring in the water to ensure your children's safety and enjoyment, even when there are no other swimmers.

Totally bizarre. It was certainly not expected of a community sold as "family friendly," yet I watch adults jump straight in the pool without showering -- one of their rules that should be adhered to.

Rules all appear geared around an over-55 community who appear to call all the shots. It's time families fought back and reclaimed their rights as a family to enjoy this wonderful place.

I am already looking at other communities in the area with more family orientated set-ups -- and I am 54!

A message to the homeowners association: this community isn't only about older people but for younger folk to enjoy.

Billy McDonald


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