Gov. Rick Scott should protect Florida's coast and wildlife

July 22, 2013 

I wrote recently to Gov. Rick Scott that developer Carlos Beruff should be removed from the board of SRQ. My questions are: "What does he know about airports?" "What qualifications does Carlos Beruff have besides massive donations to the Manatee County commissioners and the governor himself." "Is that his qualification?"

I also informed Gov. Scott he has to be the steward for the protection of our coastlines and wildlife. Development is good to a certain degree but not a massive development such as Long Bar Pointe.

It disgusts me what they have done to Washington, D.C. Thank god for our past first ladies Jackie Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson, who protected our national treasures and our national parks through their beautification and protection program. Also, the historical society.

I hope many of you will also write to Gov. Scott that Carlos Beruff should be removed from the SRQ board and the governor needs to take a stand on protecting Florida's coastlines and our wildlife.

Like the saying goes, "If one does not stand for something, one will fall for anything." Hopefully, the fall won't be for Long Bar Pointe.

Elizabeth M. Sullivan

East Manatee

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