Charges against Frazier go back to 2006, include school staff

jdeleon@bradenton.comJuly 21, 2013 

BRADENTON -- An investigation into allegations that an assistant Manatee High School football coach had inappropriate relationships with high school girls uncovered charges going back to 2006 and include that he assaulted female staff members at the school.

Charges filed by the State Attorney's Office against Manatee High School assistant football coach Roderick Frazier include seven counts of battery for inappropriately touching five female students, a teacher and a guidance counselor at Manatee High.

A total of 10 misdemeanor charges against Frazier, 35, go back as far as 2006.

The allegations leveled against Frazier, who was employed as a parent liaison in charge of discipline at Manatee High, are outlined in the police report.

Manatee School District Superintendent Rick Mills said he was not aware of the involvement of staff and faculty until Friday.

"My understanding yesterday from talking to the State Attorney's Office was that there were charges of battery involving both adults and minors," Mills said. "Obviously as a school district we want to make sure we are making safety a priority for everyone in the school district including students, staff and faculty."

Meanwhile, Frazier remains on paid administrative leave as Mills meets with the school district's attorney to discuss how to handle the allegations.

"I intend to meet with my team on Monday to see how as a school district we move forward," Mills said.

Frazier is charged with groping five different female students, including grabbing one student's buttocks in at least 20 different encounters, giving long hugs, trying to buy one student an alcoholic drink when he ran into her at a local restaurant, and rubbing another student's shoulders on the football field.

All the victims told police that Frazier's behavior made them feel uncomfortable, according to the report.

Another student said that in addition to grabbing her buttocks, Frazier also got more physical during another incident.

"The victim went on to say that on a different occasion, the defendant kissed her neck and pulled her pants down below her waistline to 'check her out and make sure she was okay' because she had been slammed against a wall," the report stated. "She also said the defendant asked 'her to

put on a show' for him and allow him to watch."

The student said that Frazier wanted her to have sexual intercourse with another person while he watched.

Frazier is also charged with three misdemeanors for interfering with the school attendance of three of the girls.

The most recent allegation was from December and involved a guidance counselor in the teacher's lounge at the school.

The guidance counselor told detectives she was in the teacher's lounge and said she wanted coffee. That's when Frazier approached her, grabbed her scarf, and said he also wanted coffee.

"The victim stated that as the defendant grabbed her scarf, he tapped his hand on her chest/breast area," according to the report. "The victim stated that she was extremely offended and informed the defendant not to touch her and never to violate her personal space again."

The guidance counselor told police detectives that the action had been unwanted and unsolicited. She also stated that Frazier never treated her the same again.

Frazier is also charged with battery for an incident in December 2008 involving a teacher at Manatee High. The teacher told police that during the school's Christmas party, Frazier slapped her on the buttocks while she was standing next to her then-boyfriend.

"The victim stated that when the defendant slapped her buttocks she was 'creeped out' but did not tell anyone because she was a new teacher and was afraid that she could lose her job if she notified her supervisors," according to the report. "The victim went on to say that her then-boyfriend observed the defendant slap her buttocks and he was also surprised at the level of unprofessionalism demonstrated by the defendant."

The teacher also told detectives that the behavior was unwanted and unsolicited.

All of the charges against Frazier are misdemeanors. He has not been arrested, but an arraignment has been scheduled for the morning of Aug. 8. His attorney has said that Frazier intends to plead not guilty to the charges against him.

Jessica De Leon, law enforcement reporter, can be reached 941-745-7049.

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