'Y&R': Jack wants to get to know his daughter, Summer

Creators SyndicateJuly 21, 2013 

ALL MY CHILDREN: With Lea's help, Zach proves he did not kill Uri. In fact, the dead man is Uri's brother, Vlad. Uri killed him to make everyone think he was dead. Zach wants to celebrate with a little bedroom time. Bianca is with the ailing Kendall. With Bianca out of town, Zach spends lots of father-daughter time with Miranda. While Brooke wants to pursue business, it is obvious Dimitri wants romance, Jesse's troubles with Uri multiply, since Uri's "being dead" scenario has been exposed. Celia decides Colby and Pete are right for each other. Angie is praying Cassandra decides to carry her baby to term. Cassandra is still undecided. After David assures her that no matter what Cassandra's choice, he will be there for her. Angie hugs him and calls him a good man. Jesse is furious when he sees the hug. Angie tells Jesse that David will always be the man who saved her eyesight and a friend. Dixie and Billy Clyde have an awkward confrontation. Miranda continues to push A.J. and Heather together.

SNEAK PEEK: Jesse's troubles mount.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Bill is stunned when he learns that Katie has taken over his family business. Quinn tells Wyatt to stay away from Hope. Hope reveals to Wyatt her theory about his past and suggests a plan to find answers. Quinn is upset when Wyatt asks her about a piece of jewelry she had years ago. Brooke goes to confront Katie about running Bill out of Spencer Publications. Rick confesses to Hope about his discomfort regarding the nature of Maya and Carter's working relationship. Knowing that Rick has his concerns, Caroline gives Rick more reason to worry about losing Maya to Carter. Carter takes an opportune moment to tell Maya how he feels about her and is willing to show her just how much. Caroline attempts to get Rick worked up about the possibility of Maya leaving him for Carter. Hope turns to Wyatt for advice on how to handle her relationship with Liam. Knowing that another man has entered Hope's life, Brooke advises Liam to quickly make up his mind about Hope if he is able to move on with his life.

SNEAK PEEK: An unfashionable event.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Brady overhears Kristen's heartfelt confession to Jennifer about her love for Brady. Kristen encounters a naked Brady. Brady angrily accuses Kristen of manipulating him once more -- though he has a hard time fighting his attraction to her. Nick and Gabi share a bittersweet moment as he presents her with annulment papers. Adrienne discovers the video of Sami attacking Bernardi and realizes she holds Sami's fate in her hands. Marlena and Will have a heart-to-heart about him pushing Sonny away because he fears Sonny is wasting his life with him. J.J. panics when Abe gets wind of drug deals happening on the high school campus. Nicole is touched when she learns how Eric has tried to protect her. Kristen reaffirms her plan to destroy Marlena through Eric and makes a call to the bishop. At the opening of the St. Luke's school, Brady attempts to talk things out with Kristen -- but she's too distracted by her mission to destroy Eric in a very public way. Eric is rocked when E.J. suggests Nicole loves him. Abigail is outraged when she realizes Theresa was getting high in Jennifer's office. Marlena fears Sami and her family will become casualties of E.J. and Stefano's war. Jennifer decides to reunite with Daniel -- but a scheming J.J. plans to ruin the romance SNEAK PEEK: Sami's world crashes.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ava conceals her child and reasons for visiting Franco, Silas tells Ava there is no use in them discussing their romantic past. Sonny admits to Connie that there are unfinished feelings with Olivia. But he still loves Connie. Dante confronts Sonny for hurting and misleading Olivia. When Dante is called away by PCPD, Spinelli fills in as Maxie's birthing coach. Olivia has a terrifying vision of Maxie stabbing Lulu to death. Sabrina can't help but be disappointed when Patrick agrees to take Britt to birthing class. Michael tries to avoid any business with ELQ that requires interfacing with Kiki. Patrick discovers that Franco has a brain tumor. Silas demands that Ava tell him the truth about Kiki's paternity. Michael tries to reconcile with Morgan, and admits that he is in love with Kiki. Morgan won't listen and goes to find Kiki. Scott begs Laura to drop her concerns for Luke, causing major argument. Desperate to reach Luke, Tracy calls him again as Monica catches Lesley trying to access Luke's medical records to help her daughter.

SNEAK PEEK: It's mano y mano.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Jack is unhappy with the amount of time Blair is spending with Todd. Jason, the man Bo questioned in Briana's death, has the same tattoo as Victor. Jack continues to enjoy bedroom time with his teacher. Arturo's flattering words make an impression on Dani. A visit from his benefactor upsets Jeffery. Although Natalie has forgiven Clint for destroying her relationship with John, Viki is not so forgiving. Dorian wants to keep David on a short leash when he and Rama continue to flirt at Shelter. Cutter and Natalie continue to pretend they don't care about each other, but it is obvious they do. Nora fears if Viki was involved in insider trading she will have to tell the authorities. Dorian tells Nora she is going to investigate. Viki pulls out of the stock deal just before the stock crashed. Viki is uncertain when Clint swears he did nothing wrong -- it was just good timing. Viki tells him if he was involved she is through with him. Clint makes a mysterious phone call. Michelle tells Dani she will teach her how to get her man. Jeffrey cannot believe that Matthew wants anything to do with Michelle.

SNEAK PEEK: Viki is outraged.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Avery informs Chelsea that Dylan's entire unit was killed and he was presumed dead. Summer tells Phyllis that she doesn't belong to anyone anymore. Phyllis promises Summer that she will be there for her every step of the way. Avery finds a note from Sharon telling Nick she understands. Neil recalls being in a bar in Evanston in 2007. Nick visits Jack so they can talk about Summer. Jack punches Nick and tells him to give him back the last 18 years. Jack tells Summer he would like to get to know her as a daughter if she will let him. Summer breaks down in Jack's arms. Later, Avery assures Nick that they will get through this together. Tyler says he needs a break from old habits and surprises Abby with a kiss. Gloria blames Lauren for Fen's overdose. Lauren tells Gloria about Carmine's giving Fen drugs. Gloria worries that people like Carmine never go to jail. Michael is furious Carmine hasn't been charged. When Carmine hires Leslie to defend him, she is able to get Paul to release him. Paul is forced to let Carmine go due to lack of evidence. Jeffrey tells Chelsea that he is going to keep her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Chelsea knows that Jeff wants a payoff to keep quiet about the baby being Adam's. Chelsea gives Jeff a check and demands that he leave her alone. Chloe finds Billy talking to a guy she thinks is one of his gambling buddies. Billy assures Chloe that he was on his way to a meeting for Gamblers Anonymous. Chloe is relieved to discover that the man Billy was talking with is his sponsor. Nick thinks Victoria should give Billy another chance. Victor places a mysterious phone call telling the person on the other end of the line that he needs to see them right away about the Gala. Victor tells Adam that Melanie should be his guest at the gala. After they discuss working together, Victor and Adam agree that from now on they are going to trust each other.

SNEAK PEEK: A serious stumble.

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