Expand SR 70, build bridge to LBK for Long Bar project

July 21, 2013 

I have read with great interest all the letters and reports regarding the Long Bar Pointe development plans. I have not been able to find a graphic showing the details of this proposal on the web! Why?

The letter from Mr. Edward Goff introduced a very interesting concept -- donating the shoreline mangrove area to the county for a nature preserve. Excellent idea!

Mr. Harris Silverman's letter presenting some of the good things that a properly executed development could provide the community was also an excellent thought starter.

The concerns regarding seagrass appear to be much overstated. The average water depth for seagrass beds in our area is 6.5 feet. Dredging to a depth of 5 or 6 feet and then replanting should have no negative impact.

This appears to be one-time chance for Manatee County to direct the inevitable development of this area in a manner beneficial to all of Manatee County!

I, too, have some ideas relative to this development to benefit our county.

The huge increase in traffic on 53rd Avenue, 75th Street and Cortez Road from this multi-thousand home project cannot be handled by the present road system. There is an existing need for another direct link to Longboat Key from the mainland.

Manatee County and FDOT must work together to extend SR 70 as a four-lane boulevard from 15th Street East all the way to Longboat Key. This would relieve the present traffic tie-ups on Gulf Drive and Cortez and provide for the additional traffic load.

William C. Follmer


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