Palmetto adopts 10-year water supply plan

jtate@bradenton.comJuly 19, 2013 

PALMETTO -- The city of Palmetto moved one step closer Thursday evening to implementing a 10-year water supply plan after approving the 2030 Comprehensive Plan proposed by the Planning and Zoning Board.

The Planning and Zoning Board voted 3-0 to approve the comprehensive plan along with corrections.

Lorraine Lyn, Palmetto City planner, said the water supply plan is a new state-mandated requirement for every Florida municipality.

"The state has its mandates, they mandated this," said Lyn. "We're doing it because it's due."

The plan is designed to ensure the city has an adequate supply of drinking water and a distribution system capable of meeting projected demand.

"All of this coincides with the comprehensive plan, it's a long-range plan," said Lyn.

Lyn said the plan was due in January but the city still can adopt it in time to meet state requirements.

The plan has been a long time coming. In 2004, a plan proposal was found insuffi

cient by city officials.

Board member Leon Kotecki said Lyn's plan had some inconsistencies and wording problems, which will be corrected.

"I just want to make sure that we have a complete and accurate plan," said Kotecki.

Palmetto uses 1.5 million of 2 million gallons of water it receives daily from the county. Each person in the city uses an estimated 67 gallons of water per day, said Lyn.

"Each year, Palmetto is using less and less water a day," said Lyn.

The comprehensive plan also includes requirements for future land use, storm water and coastal management.

Janey Tate, city of Bradenton and Palmetto reporter, can be reached at 941-745-7041. You can follow her on Twitter at Janey_Tate.

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