Manatee County drivers fail to obey signs and then impede traffic

July 19, 2013 

Let me start out by saying I do not condone road rage, but I can see why people get enraged at other drivers.

I live in Myakka City and travel State Road 70 a lot. I leave home and drive past County Road 675, all the Panther Ridge neighborhoods -- and put in the mix the new TreeUmph! and the post office, this all before Lorraine Road.

I have been almost in so many accidents I can't count them because people just do not obey the stop signs or yield, whichever it may be at these places. Then, when they come out in front of you, they slow down.

Really, really, are you kidding me? Get out and then stop?

And believe me I don't drive slow cars. I drive high-performance sports cars. I don't even drive like these people out here.

Every time I leave my home I take a deep breath before I go on S.R. 70. I never know what's in store for me out there. I usually end up passing these disrespectful people, in a safely manner and when I can.

Please learn what STOP and YIELD means!

Linda Staples

Myakka City

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