Time to move past race issue, embrace one another

July 19, 2013 

After reading Mr. Leonard Pitts' column Tuesday morning, I was amazed how blind he was to all racial crimes. With sadness, I have read about many black on white crimes the past few weeks. The media seems to downplay these, as did Mr. Pitts. He also failed to account for the thousands of black on black crimes.

We need to pull together, not play the race game. We are all Americans, not one race or another. It's time we quite talking about black, white, Hispanic or any other race, and try to become one: Americans!

This does not make me a racist; I just want every side to be open and fair as they judge others. I feel sadness for Trayvon Martin's parents. It has to be a tragic time for them.

But now we need to move on and learn to love one another, regardless of race.

Ronald L. Cleveland


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