Manatee commissioner works to help Palmetto family

July 18, 2013 

PALMETTO -- Manatee County Commissioner Robin DiSabatino Wednesday met with a Palmetto family facing eviction from its custom-built home to accommodate the handicapped.

Karen Laffler, 51, told DiSabatino the house in the Village of Avignon was built so she could care for her daughter, Amanda Laffler, 21, who was born with spina bifida. Karen Laffler is also now disabled after suffering a stroke in 2011, she said.

The house was donated in 2006 to the Laffler family, which includes Raymond Laffler, 17, by developer De Morgan Communities.

A paperwork mix-up involving non-payment of taxes caused the home to be sold in a foreclosure. The Lafflers rented the home for three years before they were told to move, they said.

DiSabatino said she would try to help through her real estate contacts, and would also explore whether Manatee County's neighborhood services department might be able to help.

-- Sara Kennedy, Herald reporter

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