Manatee County neighborhood should be spared temple site

July 18, 2013 

This is in response to the Rev. Dr. Jeanette Sherrill's July 12 letter, which mentioned religion as a basis for our concerns about the Shien Deh temple being built in our neighborhood.

Have you or your study group visited our neighborhood or talked to any of us? There has been no mention of religion broached in our concerns.

Let me reiterate our concerns:

1. The runoff from an almost two-acre concrete slab. Our ditches can barely handle the runoff now. We really don't want our yards flooded. Would you?

2. We worry about the children playing and riding their bikes in the street with all the additional traffic, and the people walking and running for exercise and to walk their dogs.

3. We wonder why the zoning board and the building codes we have to adhere to is set aside for these individuals. A huge 10,000-square-foot structure with a tower is certainly not in those codes.

This is a family neighborhood. If I should decide to sell my place, don't you think that structure would affect the price and the likelihood of selling it?

4. Who is going to maintain the roads? Right now they are starting to erode in places. The temple wants to accommodate 52 people, so allow 20 extra cars right now, but as membership increases, will it be 50 or 100 more cars?

5. When the owners bought out here, they knew the zoning and building restrictions, so why did they buy here? There are plenty of places they could have bought in areas where they would not cause objections. Why should this neighborhood, which is zoned residential/agriculture have to bow to their wishes?

Last but not least, why should the bucolic neighborhood be disturbed by this huge building that is against code? Let us live as we have.

Darlene L. Gee


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