U.S. Energy Department appears headed downhill

July 18, 2013 

Kevin Knobloch was the president of the Union of Concerned Scientists, located in Cambridge, Mass.

This is the same organization of which my dog, an Australia blue heeler, holds a membership. His official name at UCS is Dr. Max Dog!

The fact that any high school dropout can join this organization should not go unnoticed.

Knobloch resigned his UCS position to join the Obama administration as chief of staff for Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

It is fact that the U.S. Department of Energy has carried out a national policy in opposition to common sense, nuclear energy, coal energy, hydro energy, and the pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

With support of UCS, the department has funded scores of green energy projects that have all gone belly up. Total losses from the Energy Department investments in green energy now total over $7.6 billion!

Obama hits another Malthusian home run with this appointment; we award them the entirely newly issued Flat Earth Society Medal!

From Knobloch's resignation letter we learn that new Department of Energy policy will be expanded to:

1. Dramatically increase U.S. vehicle fuel economy standards. And we thought that the economics of fuel costs were the primary impetus for that.

2. Expanding renewable energy standard to 29 states. More losers like Solyndra, ethanol, wind and solar energy!

3. Adoption of the UN tropical forest finance rules. More attacks on Gibson, we suppose.

4. Supporting the Whistleblower Protection Reform Act. Why not just jail those bureaucrats in Washington and elsewhere who attack whistle blowers?

5. Help ensure the Senate ratification of the arms control treaty. Yes, an international registry of every American gun owners. It will make any invasion or government takeover so much simpler.

Dr. Adrian Krieg


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