Time to rally nation behind Christianity

July 17, 2013 

Our wonderful America is becoming something unrecognizable with eliminating God, the One who made her a great nation. Our ungodly elected and un-elected individuals believe they are above the law.

The IRS is attacking Christian and non-profit organizations by auditing them specifically, i.e., Franklin Graham, James Dobson and others. The Muslims are given more respect in our country and allowed to terrorize our nation without criticism from our government.

The Supreme Court has no authority to redefine marriage. Marriage, as existing solely between one man and one woman, was not an idea manufactured by the Christian church. It precedes Christianity.

The Supreme Court has decidedly determined that the rule of man supersedes the law of God.

In 1973, five people determined that the murder of unborn babies was now the law of the land. Since then, over 55 million babies have been killed, feeling the pain of abortion.

A West Point study has linked pro-lifers to terrorism as has affiliates of Planned Parenthood. It seems that everywhere Christians make a stand, we are being ostracized for being Christians.

Some letters have even stated that we are not a Christian nation. If this is so, it is because of the way we have allowed our leaders and others to remake America, taking God and prayer out of the schools started by one person and her radical ideas.

There have been acts of terrorism caused by radical Muslims to Americans, but it has not been called "terrorism" by Obama. He has said that he would stand with the Muslims if need be. Where does that put America?

As Americans, we should all be concerned about these happenings. I am trying to rally Christians to action and to be aware of what the government is doing to our nation. God bless America.

Nancy L. Davis


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