Companies hypocritical about claims over 'n-word'

July 17, 2013 

Several weeks ago the Food Network dropped Paula Deen from their lineup. Their reason: She admitted she had used the "N word" when describing the armed robbery of the bank where she worked many years ago.

Like a herd of lemmings, several corporations who operate retail outlets also announced they would no longer carry anything related to Paula Deen.

So, I expected, as I imagine may others did as well, to see announcements on other networks that the Food Network did not want anyone who had ever uttered any ethnic slur to ever watch their network again!

I also expected to see commercials on TV and advertisements in all the print media from all of these retail outlets, plus signs at all of their entrances stating that they no longer wanted the patronage of anyone who ever used such slurs.

Since I have neither seen nor heard of such statements, then I must label the management of the Food Network and all of these retail outlets as hypocrites!

John A. Holcom


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