Lakewood Ranch Medical Center dietician to lecture about diabetes

July 16, 2013 

lwr dietician to lecture about diabetes

LAKEWOOD RANCH -- Lakewood Ranch Medical Center dietitian Corista Williams will talk about the link between red meat and Type 2 diabetes as part of the hospital's wellness lecture series from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. July 19.

A recent study that surveyed 150,000 people about their food consumption over a four-year period showed those who ate higher amounts of red meat were more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, Williams said. The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Type 2 diabetes occurs most often in adults who are overweight and sedentary although it now is also being diagnosed in children. It is a chronic disease that must be controlled through diet, exercise and, if necessary, medication.

Routine screening for diabetes is important, she said. "A lot of people have undiagnosed diabetes or pre-diabetes," Williams said.

Getting the disease under control helps prevent the type of complications common to diabetes that can be severe, such as loss of eyesight and kidney disease, Williams said.

But there is a lot of misinformation about what people with diabetes can eat, she said.

"The main thing is to be eating a healthy diet," said Williams.

The seminar includes a complementary lunch and will be held in Conference Room 1. Reservations required; call 941-708-8100. Lakewood Ranch Medical Center is at 8330 Lakewood Ranch Blvd.

School for autistic children has open house

SARASOTA -- The ABA Academy, a new private school for children with autism, will open Aug. 19 at 365 Braden Ave. ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis, a method that helps children with autism achieve social goals through assessment of individual behavior and reinforcement, said the new school's clinical director, Anne Katz.

Katz co-founded ABA Academy with Shelly Swift, the school's executive director. Both are board-certified behavior analysts at the Bradenton-based ABA Network, an agency that offers one-on-one home-based therapy for autistic children.

The school will have a small enrollment with up to 25 students, who can range from age three to 21, Katz said. Five are now enrolled.

The ABA Academy will follow the Manatee County public school calendar. For more information, call 941-896-7431.

Faith-based marriage seminar held July 19-20

BRADENTON -- Soul Healing Love, a marriage seminar for couples who want to improve their relationship, will be offered by Live the Life "Marriage & Family" Project at 1001 Manatee Ave. E. The faith-based workshop is 6-9 p.m. July 19 and continues in an all-day session from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. July 20.

Soul Healing Love was developed by North Carolina therapists Tom and Beverly Rodgers. The seminar will include a video by the Rodgers and be led by Don and Angie Power, founders of Marriage and Family Works in Bradenton.

"The seminar is for any married couple who wants to grow closer and understand each other better," said Sandy James, spokeswoman for Marriage and Family Works.

"But it is especially helpful for couples who are going through conflict," she said.

Couples will learn how to let go of "dirty fighting" -- yelling, belittling, criticizing and engaging in the silent treatment -- and become responsible for their role in the marriage, said James. Part of the work also involves learning how the past wounds of each spouse can underlie and trigger conflict.

"It helps to understand a spouse's past scars and how that could cause overreactions. Couples learn how to diffuse arguments," she said.

Cost of the seminar is $75 and includes a workbook for each spouse.

For more information, visit; to register, call 941-827-0500.

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