World War II combat veteran never got VA benefits he earned

July 16, 2013 

My dad, who passed away two years ago, was a member of that special group in our history, known as the "Greatest Generation." He served his country well and courageously in the U.S. Army, having taken part in combat in Okinawa during World War II at the ripe old age of 18.

About five years ago he became physically incapacitated so we applied through the Veterans Administration for nursing care assistance. We were told that he (and mom) were entitled to $1,950.00 per month to help pay for the extra help needed during that difficult time in their lives.

Periodically, we, their children, would contact the VA and would be put off with an excuse of lost paperwork, etc., and we would resend (registered mail, which you always do with our government) and follow up on a regular basis.

Our dad and mom never saw any of these benefits to which they were entitled. Dad died two years ago and mom died June 10 of this year.

Within three to four weeks of mom's death, we received a notice that due to her death, they would stop processing Martin O'Brien's veteran benefits (what benefits?). So this wonderful human being (father and friend) was punished, not praised, for his service.

The VA, at this point, should take this opportunity to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the past payments due to this veteran so his debts may be erased.

Our government seems to give handouts to many who are undeserving. I worry now about all the brave young men and women our government has sent off to war and the price they are going to pay to protect our freedom by their unselfish acts of bravery.

God bless my dad and all the other brave, unselfish men and women who continue to put their lives on the line so we can continue to live in a society with so much freedom.

Tom O'Brien, President, C&D Fruit and Vegetable Co.Bradenton

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