Maxie wants to tell the truth about her pregnancy on 'GH'

Creators SyndicateJuly 14, 2013 

ALL MY CHILDREN: Zach and Lea receive the missing piece of the puzzle in the mysterious death of Uri. Zach hopes the information clears him of murder charges. Colby baits Celia into helping her plan a gala for Chandler Media. Heather moves in on A.J. and Miranda, but she may not be able to accept their close friendship. Cassandra does not know what to do about her pregnancy. Angie and Cassandra consider the alternatives about the baby. Bianca talks to Cassandra about why she kept her baby that was conceived in rape. Bianca tries to help Kendall.

SNEAK PEEK: Zach and Lea can't fight their passions.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Brooke sits down with Hope and Rick in an attempt to justify her recent actions and ask for forgiveness. When Katie proclaims that her marriage is over, Donna insists that she give Bill another chance. With the intent to salvage his tarnished marriage, Bill plans to show Katie that she is the queen in his life. Bill, his heart and a present in hand, asks Katie to take him back. Unable to trust her husband and her sister any longer, Katie tells Bill that she wants to end their marriage. Steffy informs Liam she can never have children. As Hope gushes to Rick about Wyatt, she wavers on whether or not to wait around for Liam to be ready for a relationship. Hope gets a look into Wyatt's life when he takes her to his place of business and introduces her to his mother, Quinn. After a cold meeting, Quinn and Hope become suspicious of each other.

SNEAK PEEK: Katie seeks revenge.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Rafe is brought out of his coma -- and immediately has a strange reaction to seeing Sami. Despite doctor's orders that she stay away, Sami continues to go to his hospital room. Rafe's condition takes a turn for the worse when he sees Kate. A triumphant E.J. kicks his father out of the mansion. Stefano warns E.J. that no one ever gets the better of him. Jennifer keeps her promise to Kayla to hire Theresa as her assistant -- though she suspects the girl will be trouble. She doesn't realize how correct she is, as Theresa mixes things up with J.J. Jennifer makes it clear she wants Theresa to stay away from her son. Eric has another attack. He has a disturbing memory from the night he became ill. Kristen learns she can now move with her mysterious plan to destroy Marlena. Eric is uneasy when Kristen visits him. Sami and E.J. have a passionate fight about his takeover of Stefano, followed by equally passionate lovemaking. Adrienne and Justin continue to remain at odds about his representing Sami for murder. Lucas worries for Will when he learns Sonny spent the night partying with Brent.

SNEAK PEEK: Jennifer and Daniel reconcile.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Connie checks in on Olivia, fishing for news of Sonny. Connie confides in Maxie about her conflicting feelings, and Maxie advises she go after her man. Olivia and Sonny realize nothing is standing in the way of their renewing romance after their July 4 kiss. Alexis sees Shawn and Sonny beating Franco to a pulp. Anna and Duke are curious about Ava and her background. Silas and Ava share a tense reunion, and they decide to meet for coffee. Kiki and Michael break from their kiss when Brad offers to stay silent in exchange for one night with Michael. Laura is furious that Lucy went behind her back to secure Nik's investment for Deception. Laura realizes she overreacted due to her concern over Luke's disappearance. Sam and Silas pay a visit to Heather in hopes she provides a bone marrow match for Danny. Molly and Rafe discuss their joy that Rafe will remain in Port Charles. T.J. is leveled when Shawn comes clean with what he does for Sonny. Maxie is resolved to tell Dante and Lulu the truth -- she is pregnant by Spinelli. Ellie upends Spinelli with news that she has rethought her stance on having a family.

SNEAK PEEK: Franco gets a deadly diagnosis.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Nora warns Viki about Dorian's true intentions: She plans to destroy Viki and her upcoming marriage. Bo discovers a new suspect in his latest murder investigation. Jack and his teacher continue to see each other in bed between classes. Jack lies to Blair about his whereabouts. Having found an unclaimed body, Todd has the tattoo artist put the mark that Victor's enemies put on him. Tea has second thought about faking Victor's death. Dorian is floored when she walks in on Rama and David too close for comfort at Shelter. Viki uncovers the truth about the Pellegrino Fund. Natalie and Destiny's double date goes awry.

SNEAK PEEK: Dani and Arturo grow closer.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Adam tells Victor how much the loyalty they have between them means. Melanie is fired when she appears to be snooping on Victor for Adam. Leslie tells Neil that Rose died six years ago of a stroke and that she had a daughter named Ann who left the country after her mother died. Neil receives another notice on his phone from the blogger who calls him a coward. Neil is caught off guard when Leslie shares that Rose died in Evanston, Ill. Alex presses Kevin to work for the police. Nikki tells Billy that she wants him to beat his gambling addiction. Victor informs Billy that he is an addict and that's all he'll ever be. When Billy leaves, Nikki questions Victor's harsh words, given that she is an addict, too. Abby reminds Victor that Victoria still loves Billy. Jack learns Phyllis and Kyle kissed. Niki tells Victoria she should give Billy another chance. Cane and Lily take the twins to see the fireworks on the Fourth of July. When they go back home, Cane sets up a romantic evening for Lily. Phyllis tells Jack that she kissed Kyle because she had to break up his relationship with Summer. Nick tracks Summer down and tells her the truth about her paternity. Michael informs Lauren that he is committed to making their marriage work. Michael tears up the divorce papers. Fen goes to see Carmine and asks him for help scoring some drugs. Carmine turns him down and calls Lauren to warn her, but she ignores the call. Carmine finds Fen passed out in the alley with a bag of white powder next to him. Michael accuses Carmine of giving Fen the drugs. Paul takes Carmine down to the station for questioning. When Anita and Jeffrey come over to have dinner with Chelsea and Dylan, Chelsea gets upset over their snide comments about her living arrangements.

SNEAK PEEK: A shattering truth.

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