Many gripes about Obama discredited, tiresome

July 14, 2013 

The laundry list of complaints against Barack Obama via the FOX News channel contained in a recent letter have already largely been discredited, let alone grown tiresome.

What is particularly striking, however, not only in said letter but numerous others in the recent past, are the racial (note: not racist) implications: if not overt, glaringly apparent to anyone with a knowledge of our tortured U.S. history.

One would think that Obama was the first and only president to utilize Air Force One. One would think that Obama was the first president to visit overseas. One would think that Obama was the first president to ever take a vacation.

What is especially troublesome, however, is a letter's mention of President Obama's African "vacation."

No matter how much I disagree with the "decisions" and outcomes of George W. Bush's tenure in office, the single good thing he did while there was his dedication -- and efficiency -- toward addressing the problems of AIDS and malaria on that continent.

For a writer to ridicule Obama regarding his visit to Africa -- his first -- was unfortunate. Further, to refer to it as some kind of traipse, even more so.

Remember: Bush took more vacation days than any president in history. There must have been an awful lot of brush to clear in Texas back in those days.

Lance Abbring


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